Painting the Iain Oughtred dinghy

After 8 years kept in the open, the Iain Oughtred feather pram finally needed its paint refreshed.

The Hempel all in one primer, undercoat and topcoat lasted amazingly well. The boat is stored upside down in the garden when not in use, and only had a tarpaulin over it in the winter.

First coat drying

We gave the hull a rub down with fine 600 grade wet and dry, then washed it and left it for 24 hours to dry before the first coat.There was enough paint left in the old pot for a full coat this time, to be followed by two coats of gloss.

The transom was re-varnished last year and the inside will be done when there’s time, but it’s less urgent – the varnish has been well protected by upside down storage.

Working on the boat was a reminder how how much fun it was to build in 2014 (see Building an Iain Oughtred pram dinghy) Maybe time to consider building another dinghy?

Gleaming after two coats of Hempel full gloss and one undercoat, rubbed down lightly between each.

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