Fitting out at Ardoran, 4 -11 May

First launch….

We arrived at Ardoran Marine on 4 May to stay at one of the three chalets the boatyard owns, with a few days fitting out planned. (Peter, Christine, Tony, Elaine and Nigel). Ardoran stores boats in an old quarry behind the main workshop, and we found Spring Fever in excellent condition, dry inside and well cared for, with the anti-fouling done ( a present to ourselves because of the 500 mile drive to reach her.) All the work we commissioned had been done well, and problems we had during commissioning were sorted out immediately at fair prices, so we certainly recommend the yard. It was also very friendly, and in a beautiful position on Loch Feochan. The chalets would be good for a holiday even without a boat. The owners run the boatyard alongside their farm, which includes a herd of highland cattle,

The ancient Furlex had finally given up at the end of the season with a large crack in one of the main castings, so a new one had been fitted by Owen Sails of Oban by the time we arrived. The wind, depth and speed instruments were also playing up and we bought a new Raymarine set at the London Boat Show at a discount, and brought them up to fit ourselves. Because we needed to have a bracket made for the anemoneter at the top of the mast, the job dragged on several days, so we were not ready to launch until Wednesday the 8th, and we launched twice! We made an elementary mistake, and forgot to check the seacocks properly. The main heads outlet turned out to be jammed tight in the open position, at which point we brought Spring Fever ashore again and the yard changed the seacock, which turned out to be in much worse condition than we had imagined from the slight stiffness the previous year.

This time we made it, watched by a friend.
This time we made it, watched by a friend.


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