Swiss National Day!

Swiss National Day fondue dinner

Jean-Jacques has offered fondue and white wine for supper because it is Swiss National Day. So lots of discussion over breakfast of how to construct a table-top heater for the fondue without setting the cabin alight!

Baltimore Harbour
Baltimore Harbour

Ashore in Baltimore for for shopping and drinks, and Chris on the spur of the moment hopped on the ferry to Sherkin Island, where she got on the local bus for impromptu site-seeing.

Chris off on an impromptu tour of Sherkin Island
Chris on the ferry to Sherkin Island
Sherkin Island, on the other side of Baltimore Bay
Sherkin Island in the distance, seen from Baltimore Harbour

The rest of us went to the castle museum which is dedicated to the villagers of Baltimore enslaved by Barbary pirates. More than a hundred were taken in a lightning raid. Similar raids in England were the preoccupation behind the words of ‘Rule Britannia’, where it says defiantly that Britons never never shall be slaves.

Fondue delicious on board, didn’t quite get round to the Swiss national anthem, but the rain cleared and the evening was beautiful.

Sunset after dinner
Sunset after dinner

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