October – the shortest season ever

That’s that, for the moment: new lockdown, can’t go to the boat for an autumn mini-cruise or even to do some maintenance, so sum total of this year’s sailing is 5 days in the Solent. I try not to contemplate the cost per day.

We have however decided to leave the boat fully in commission in Chichester Marina (above) over the winter and into next season, with sails bent on and engine not winterised. This is because Spring Fever was launched only in mid-September, so gear and antifouling have not just finished a long, hard season.

Perhaps there will be an opportunity for a real winter sail after lockdown, encouraged by the fact that the diesel heater is now working again. In any case, we need to air the sails as often as possible, by raising them on a calm day in the marina, and also run the engine from time to time. That does not look likely before December.

Meanwhile, I’ll get on with a few little boat jobs at home, including repairing the leak in the dinghy, which I’ve brought home, finishing the smart canvas cover I’m making for it, and repairing the battered Dan Buoy.

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