Guardian Fastnet coverage

Set fair for Fastnet – A little early, perhaps, to splice the main brace, but last weekend Guardian Extra and her intrepid crew passed the first qualifying test for the much bigger one of the Fastnet Race. Will it be plain sailing from now on? A preliminary report by Michael White. Photographs by Martin Haybow. 6 May 1989.

All in race trim – this weekend the hearts and minds of the yachting word will be focused on the Fatsnet Race. Guardian Extra and her crew of six men and two women, who have been sail training most of the spring and summer, will be taking part. Frank Keating joined them just before the Big One. 5 August 1989.

Voyage around my father – Michael White on his family’s sea background. 5 August 1989.

Tied up in knots on the crest of a wave – Michael White opens his log of Guardian Extra’s progress in the 1989 Fastnet Race. 7 August 1989. Front page photograph Martin Hayhow.

Psychology rules weekend cruisers’ waves – Michael White off Mount’s Bay, Cornwall, contemplates a slice of fellow hack as he tells of Guardian Extra’s Fastnet progress. 8 August 1989.

From Land’s End to open sea as our sloop raises the wind – Michael White, crossing the Celtic Sea in Guardian Extra at a steady six knots, gives details of his progress in the Fastnet Race. 9 August 1989.

Beacon missed in the mist – Michael White reports from  Guardian Extra, heading home in the Fastnet Race. 10 August 1989.

Stormy time on home straight – Tempers fray as the crew of Guardian Extra makes for the line in the Fastnet Race, reports Michael White. 11 August 1989.

For those in peril of the packet soups of the deep – Michael White reports on Guardian Extra’s minor triumph in making the finishing line without eating any of the crew members. 12 August 1989.

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Fastnet 89 Man Overboard – The account by the man overboard, John West, with grateful thanks to the crew who picked him up. Seahorse magazine. 1989.

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