Other Independent and Guardian sailing articles

The Independent and The Guardian both paid staff lineage rates (£ per line) for contributions outside their day to day jobs – a great help with sailing costs!

The Independent

Sails around Frenchman’s Creek – Peter Rodgers kicks off four pages of adventure holidays with an outing in the West Country, the first of a new weekly sailing slot. Photo Susannah Rodgers.  4 January 1992

Sailing skills in the proper class – It is not safe to go to sea until you can sail properly. Peter Rodgers gives a step by step guide to what is needed in the various yachting exams. 11 January 1992.

How to sail into cheaper waters – The cost of marina berths in the South-east has rocketed. But you do not have to pay a fortune for the mooring. Peter Rodgers offers a guide to less expensive alternatives. 25 January 1992.

Look dad, I’d rather learn on my own – Eager youngsters can be taught to sail without great expense. Peter Rodgers suggests how parents can stay afloat financially. 7 March 1992.

Readers avoid marina prices – Peter Rodgers summarises reader responses to ‘How to sail into cheaper waters’. 7 March 1992.

Would you buy a boat that had fallen off a lorry? – Peter Rodgers finds more dents and holes than he expected in his search for a decent second-hand yacht. 14 March 1992.

In the drink, one way or another – There is no better way to visit the Suffolk coast and its watering holes than by boat, but to hurry risks ruining the pleasure, and a night aground, says Peter Rodgers. Photo Susannah Rodgers.

All at sea in a capsized boat – Think of safety before you venture out in even the calmest waters. You may be in more peril than you think, as Peter Rodgers discovered. 18 April 1992.

The race to take your breath away  – At the  the climax of Cowes Week is the Fastnet. Peter Rodgers, hooked on the event, says sailing schools can turn novices into ocean-racing crew in one season. Photograph Rodney Hepton. 10 August 1991.

Hang the cost, push the boat out – As nautical wannabes attend the International Boat Show, Peter Rodgers investigates the true cost of yachting. Picture: Tem Too with Martin Banfield. 14 September 1991.

Related Independent article

Ten to a cabin and four times as high as a house – Susannah Rodgers gets to grip with the rigging and the close-quarters living on a tall ship trip across the Atlantic.

The Guardian

Guardian Extra Fastnet Race articles – see under ‘Ted Heath, The Guardian and the spirit of ’89’.

All hands on deck! – Thrills and spills and bumps and scrapes: all the excitement of first voyage overseas by a novice skipper and his family. 30 April 1988.

Cut the costs and carry on cruising – Peter Rodgers 6 January 1989

Now joining the boat club has become plain sailing – Peter Rodgers 6 January 1989

And a satellite to steer her by – Peter Rodgers on electronics to ensure the yachtsman will never be all at sea again. 7 January 1989.

The Observer

Chip to shore – Yacht navigation has come a long way since the sextant,  reports James Harte.

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