Oban to Crinan

A fine day’s sail down the Sounds of Kerrera and Luing and across to Crinan, where we picked up a mooring close to the boatyard pontoon (for £15)  and went ashore for drinks and a walk round the village. Crinan Hotel has a traditional pub at the side, and good food.

Across the loch from Crinan
Across the loch from Crinan

The boatyard at Crinan is restoring one of the famous Clyde puffers, tiny ships that traded around the Hebrides and could be beached to land cargoes. They were made famous in the Para Handy stories, featuring the puffer ‘Vital Spark.’ A still-working puffer has been given that name, but the Crinan boat looks as if it needs a lot more work.

Passage notes: 38miles, 7 hours, S 3, good visibility, passage through Luing Sound then detour to Loch Seil, explored Cuan Sound for future reference and back via Loch Shona to Crinan.?????????????????????????????????????????????

The sea loch
The sea loch
Crinan Sea Loch
Crinan Sea Loch


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